Nautica & Kipling: Merging Storytelling, Social, and Selling

by / Tuesday, 08 October 2013 / Published in E-Commerce

This fall, we’ve been proud to see two of our site redesigns launch, and You’ll notice the sites’ dramatically different looks- a seafaring spirit that carries through, and a whimsical experience that celebrates the fun, stylish Kipling brand and consumer. But as you explore the sites, you’ll see that both have hit on the sweet spot of commerce, content, and social to strike a chord with their target audiences.

A few key features and integrations that led our designs:

Product is center stage. Product tools, rich stories, and imagery let the user experience the details and value of the product.


Cross and up-sells. Complementary and like-minded products, along with relevant, compelling content, introduce new areas of exploration.

Compelling stories at key points of the experience. Engaging content in appropriate locations enhances the experience, deepens the connection and incentivizes purchase.


Seamless product discovery and finding
. The experience caters to both the shopper who knows exactly what she is looking for and one who is looking to discover something new.

Rich conversation around product.  8th Bridge integration enables social log-in and creates a community where consumers can share their opinions and favorite products with others. Social proofing exposes other users’ wish lists and most liked products. And the most social voices are recognized and rewarded for their interactions.


Global shipping. Pitney Bowse integration makes the site shippable for countries around the globe.

Personalization. Monetate integration enables the brands to provide personalized communications based on users’ site interactions.